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Igor’s works are characterized by vivid colours, the play of light and variety of textures. They encourage you to leave your comfort zone, see into yourself, get to know your alter ego. Set into the interior design of a house or an office, will give them an unique character.

The development of the graphics software and digital photography gave a new dimension to the concept of surrealism. The boundaries between the real and imaginary world disappeared. The imagination of an artist, the sphere of illusion and the real world became as one.

Igor Morski is undoubtedly the forerunner of surrealism. The world of images created in Morski’s imagination and transferred to the computer screen is perceived by many as the coherent whole. A border point between real, physical reality and the space reserved for the author’s imagination is hard to define. Igor defines himself as a photo manipulator, for whom the process of creation involves the idea forming, finding and photographing certain elements, building the 3D models and finally, incorporating them into the composition.

The basic form of a work finish is resin coating. The resin is often enriched with different elements by the artist. Such prepared piece does not need any framing (but it is a possible option to have it framed, too).
Igor’s works may also be printed on the best quality special paper with frames added.

Igor Morski
about the art in general:

“If you look at all the things that the scientists do, marvelous ideas put into practice by the engineers, the art pales in comparison to them. The art is the sphere of pleasure to me, but I deeply believe that it is also sort of trainer of the mind. I am confident that everyone who has contact with the art – irrespective of whether it is the music, the literature, or the painting – changes their way of thinking and becomes a better doctor, engineer, father or more loving husband. It means he experiences certain states, which translate into the person he is and does in his life.”

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